Introducing our first very own Fine Frenchie candle! "Chill Baby" makes chilling at home extra fabulous with notes of rose, sandalwood and cedar. 

Chill Baby Candle

  • 9 oz. with an approximately burn time of 55-65 hours

    Wax: Coconut and Apricot blend. Both waxes are sustainable and ethically sourced. Wax is free: from paraffin, vybar, stearic acid and additives that are used to enhance/fortify fragrance and viscosity therefore, alter wax natural properties.This wax blend is free from soy, bee and palm wax. Wax is: vegan, natural, gluten-free

    Wicks100% cotton, lead and zinc free. No paper filament.

    Fragrance: We use organic essential oils and natural fragrance oils in all our blends. Natural fragrances are free from parabens, synthetics and phthalates. All raw materials used to produce our candles are cruelty-free. It is very important for us that our supply chain adheres to sustainable and ethical practices as we do.