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Let’s get to know each other!

Fine Frenchie is a classy yet sassy lady with love for all things cool, chic, and fancy. Her fine taste embraces the humor of our everyday reality because, let’s be honest, even the most glamorous of us love a good milkshake with a side of French fries. Her fabulous yet relatable moments are inspired by her passion for fashion, the beauty of her extraordinary lifestyle full of bottomless mimosas and playing dress up.

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
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Now behind the scenes, Fine Frenchie’s creative universe is ruled by an artist and a fashion designer Valeria Krasavina. Inspired by the quirky personalities of her own French Bulldog named Rabby, Valeria has created Fine Frenchie during a hiatus from the fashion industry. An idea that started with a small series of drafts soon blossomed into a full passionate project full of different characters and, of course, lots and lots of pink. 

Now step into our world and see the magic happen!

Welcome to Fine Frenchie world

Welcome to Fine Frenchie world

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