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You are limited edition, baby! Fine Frenchie custom illustrations celebrate you and your fabulous furry friends as perfect as you were made: one of a kind. Using our special artistry and high quality materials, we want to capture your moment in a stylish and memorable way.

Karina custom.jpg

Our custom illustration orders are handled with care, advanced craftsmanship, and very precise attention to detail. For someone as perfect as you are, we strive for our illustrations to closely capture your essence and unique qualities that make you YOU.

Leslie Custom.jpg

We follow an intricate process that starts with creating your design, then bringing your vision to life using materials of highest quality. While perfection takes time, in our case from 8 to 12 weeks, we dedicate individual time to each and every detail to make sure that you get something that becomes very special to you. One of a kind, almost priceless. 

FREYA copy.jpg
Freya 2 copy.jpg

Fine Frenchie loves collaborating! We always welcome new opportunities and creative project ideas. If you would like to collab with us, message us here!

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