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  • Illustration Care Guide
    Our illustrations are fine and delicate creatures, so they require gentle handling. It is recommended to handle the illustration by the edges and avoid touching the surface to prevent damage, stains, scratches, or smears. Additionally, it is best to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration, as well as in places with irregular humidity control. Our custom illustrations like to be stored flat.
  • Scarf Care Guide
    While our silk scarfs seem cool and vibrant, they have a huge fear of swimming. Please avoid contact with water, dry cleaning is the preferred care method. It is recommended to iron at very low temperature or on a silk setting.
  • Hoodie Care Guide
    Our hoodies are cute and cozy beings, a bit sensitive at times. It enjoys a nice bath with a hand rub or back massage, or a machine wash at a delicate setting while turned inside out. Hang to dry.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We generally accept PayPal and debit/credit cards issued by all major banks.
  • Do you do gift packaging?
    Got a special someone you would like to share Fine Frenchie with? All of our merchandise can be dressed extra nicely for that special occasion, just let us know. Request for gift packaging can be submitted in the comment section with your order.
  • What do I do if I have a question that is not listed on this page?
    Oh don't you worry, babe! Just submit your question via the "Contact Us" page with your question/inquiry as subject and we will get back to you ASAP!
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